A cute little Easter Blacklist comic pomipuff made for me!

"I finally had a chance to see her, Sam."
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That moment when Megan Boone replies to your tweet! :3

:3 aww look at your hair! ^_^ HOW CUTE!

btw i miss you..

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"We’re gonna make a great team."

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Fellow Blacklister’s! I wanted to share with you the puppy i got today!

Everyone in my family agreed on my name suggestion: "Lizzie"

Little Lizzie is a month old husky!

When she gets old enough, I’m totally going to put fedora’s on her!

I just felt sorry for you, because I knew… 
          I knew I had you.

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I feel like I can’t do anything right..

Yesterday at work I screwed up an order; I rang something up and didn’t realize that the order was a double.. because I wasn’t the one who made it!

And now apparently my boss is extremely pissed off..

:( I want to curl up in a ball and cry..

I know it was just a stupid mistake.. but it was a $20 mistake.. And I wouldn’t be surprised if my boss fired me..

OMFG… I feel so friken stupid.. UGHHHHHHHHH…. Ihaveafeelingiamgonnagetfired..


"Oh, I’ll stay away from your son, all right. Stay away… forever.”


Lake Minnewanka - chrisamat.com

Omg.. so pretty!