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My name is Ariel! :) Hiya!

I'm 21 years old, a proud lesbian; Who happens to be dating a pretty adorable pink haired cutie! :3

NOTE: I will be posting ALOT of MyMusic, and The Blacklist stuff! As well as some of my cosplay stuff!
September 17th 2014


The Blacklist | Promo S2 Sky UK
thank you so much sarahj85 for catching it :) (x)

First Lizzington of S2 and the season hasn’t even begun!

Look at Red’s smile as he watches Liz!

Thank you @selinabln and @sarahj85!

Woah… Red.. D: What are you doing…

September 16th 2014


6 Days Until Autumn: Would you have a fall themed wedding?


OMG… pomipuff WE NEED THIS..

September 16th 2014
September 16th 2014


*huffs exhaustedly*

The Fine Bros recapped Season 1 of The Blacklist in one take (and seemingly one breath).

THIS is perfection! thefinebros you guys are the best! 

September 16th 2014
you look like David Duchovny (the guy who played Fox Mulder in The X-Files)
asked by Anonymous

Uh…erm, um… thanks anonymous? ..I think?

is it because of my hair?..

Gahh!…not sure what to make of this ask…

September 14th 2014



Lizzington Story, Red and Liz having a romantic ship #4 - The Blacklist

♙ Other Stories Here !

September 11th 2014


hopping on the bipper bandwagon woo! i tried to make a cool animated thing haha

Omg..this is amazing..

September 10th 2014

The better Dipper..Bipper »

Since so many people liked my Bipper cosplay photos..i made an ask page! :)

So go ahead send questions.. or if you’re interested in rp let me know! :D

September 10th 2014

So my Bipper cosplay photo’s got 116 notes…and counting.. (and i only posted it last night!) You guys are crazy awesome

-special Bipper edit:


-tempted to make a Bipper cosplay ask blog- What do you guys think? Should I make a Bipper ask page?

September 10th 2014


Just… Bipper (BIPPER!!!) and Mabes.

Woah… :O